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Books & More Business Solutions provides a wide range of services to businesses and individuals in a variety of industries.  They are designed to provided our clients with complete and cost-effective solutions for all of their "back office needs", so you can focus on growing your business.  We provide accurate, timely, customized and accessible financial record keeping solutions that give you the tools to make informed and profitable management decisions.   We can provide................... 

                                                           PAYROLL DEMO


Get the Payroll Solution that best fits your needs.  We know that when it comes to payroll service - no one size fits all.  That's why we offer the following two custom payroll processing options.

Option 1

 - Comprehensive Payroll Services

   Our Comprehensive Payroll Service takes care of all of the

   payroll processing for you, so that you won't have to.  We


   1.  Your payroll checks prepared and printed

   2.  Free Direct Deposit

   3.  Worry Free IRS and State tax reporting as well as EFTPS 

        tax deposits.

   4.  Detailed reports on your employee's vacation, sick days

        and personal days accruals.

   5.  Creation and filing of the required new hire reports

   6.  Your payroll records maintained in tip top shape.

Option 2

 - Online Payroll Processing      

    You can enter your employee's hours and earnings

    securely online yourself and get.....

   1.  The ability to instantly print payroll checks on your own


   2.  Free Direct Deposit.

   3.  Worry Free IRS and State tax reporting as well as EFTPS

        tax deposits.

   4. Detailed reports on your employee's vacation, sick

        days, and personal days accruals.

Included with both Options:

Custom payroll reports such as:

   1.  Worker's Compensation Audits

   2.  Unemployment Claims

   3.  Social Security Audits

   4.  Child Support Audits

   5.  W-2 and W-3 processing

   6.  1099 and 1096 processing

   7.  Preparation/assistance with Federal and State forms  


 - Maintenance Accounting

   General bookkeeping, preparing City and State Sales Tax,       Monthly Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations, Journal           Entries, 

 - Specialized Accounting

   Complete Small Business Accounting, Clean Up, Catch Up, 

   Adjustments & Amendments.

 - On-Site Consultations & Support

   We offer on-site and off-site (or remote) support.   

   Regardless of which you choose we are always available to

   meet with you so you fully understand how to interpret

   and utilize your financial information.

   Our on-site encompasses as much or as little support as

   you need.  We customize our services around your specific

   needs.  Contact us today for a free no obligation